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We provide normalized whois data records for all registered domain names.

Whoisfreaks is built by JFreaks Software Solutions. We are a small team of great people with crazy ideas. We are primarily located in Lahore, Pakistan. As a part of JFreaks, we have been in the software development business for three years. Our expertise includes Data Analysis and location-based application development.

Ipgeolocation is our first product that was born out of our own need for such service in various client related projects. We conceived the idea in late 2017, started work in early 2018 and shipped the first public release of our API in May 2018. We are constantly growing since our launch and have been trusted by thousands of developers and businesses around the globe. We have bootstrapped ourselves toward profitability in less than a year and today we are 100% customer funded company. It is a service that provides geolocation data for IP addresses. It is commonly used by businesses and developers to get information about the geographical location of an IP address, such as the country, region, city, latitude, longitude, and more. This data can be used for various purposes, including enhancing user experience, implementing location-based services, security and fraud prevention, and targeted advertising.

Currencyfreaks is one of our other products, which is an API service for currency exchange rates and conversions. It is a currency exchange rate and conversion API service. It provides developers with access to accurate and up-to-date exchange rates for various currencies, as well as functionalities for currency conversion and historical data retrieval. Developers can integrate the CurrencyFreaks API into their applications, websites, or software to perform real-time currency conversions or to display currency exchange rate information.

Welcome to Whoisfreaks, your ultimate destination for comprehensive domain information, WHOIS Data, DNS records, SSL certificate data, and powerful APIs with a strong focus on cyber security and networking. Our extensive database comprises over 0 Domains, housing an impressive repository of 0 WHOIS records, establishing us as a premier Domain Whois Data provider. At Whoisfreaks, our mission extends beyond just domain data - we are dedicated to empowering individuals, businesses, and organizations with invaluable insights into the digital footprints left by websites and domains, while bolstering cyber security and network integrity. Our commitment to cyber security is ingrained in different facets of our product, ensuring that you gain a comprehensive understanding of domains while also arming yourself with vital tools to enhance your digital defense strategies. As you delve into our services, you'll not only access in-depth WHOIS details and DNS records, but also harness actionable intelligence for cyber security purposes. Safeguard your online presence with our cutting-edge offerings, all designed to fortify your defenses in an ever-evolving digital landscape. With Whoisfreaks, you're not just tapping into domain insights - you're bolstering your cyber security arsenal and networking resilience.

What We Do

At Whoisfreaks, we specialize in offering a user-friendly and reliable platform to access detailed information about any domain on the internet. Our advanced tools gather and analyze publicly available data to provide you with a complete picture of a domain's ownership, registration details, DNS records, SSL certificate status, and much more.

Our Key Features

How It Works

Using Whoisfreaks is as easy as typing in the domain name you want to explore. Our powerful backend systems will retrieve and analyze the latest data related to the domain, presenting it in a clear and easy-to-read JSON/XML format. You'll get a complete overview, including registration details, administrative contacts, DNS records, SSL certificate validity, and more.

Who Can Benefit

  • Domain Owners and Managers:

    Keep track of your domain registration status, SSL certificate validity, and DNS configurations to ensure your online presence remains secure and operational.

  • Security Professionals:

    Use our service to investigate and gather intelligence on suspicious domains, helping you in your efforts to combat cyber threats and protect your organization.

  • Researchers and Analysts:

    Leverage our vast database of domain data for market research, competitor analysis, and to gain valuable insights into the digital landscape.

  • General Users:

    Satiate your curiosity about any website you come across or validate the legitimacy of an online entity using the information available on Whoisfreaks.

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Begin exploring the digital world with confidence and knowledge. Try Whoisfreaks today and unlock the secrets hidden within domain WHOIS data, DNS records, SSL certificates, and powerful APIs. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact us, our dedicated support team is here to help.

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