Domain Suggestions

Discover your perfect domain name with our Domain Availability API. Get personalized suggestions and find the ideal match for your website. By default, we provide 5 domain suggestions, but by signing in and setting 'suggestion' to true, you can fetch up to 100 domain suggestions.

Bulk Domain Name Search

Check the availability of multiple domains effortlessly with our user-friendly API. Ideal for businesses, it saves time and effort by quickly checking domain availability in bulk, streamlining your domain management process.

Real-time data

Stay updated with the latest domain information through real-time data synchronization, ensuring your queries are accurate and relevant. This feature guarantees that you always have the most current domain data at your fingertips.

Supported formats

We support data retrieval in JSON and XML formats, providing flexibility and compatibility with various applications and systems. This ensures seamless data integration and processing for your needs.

Common Use Cases

Domain Registration Platforms Domain registration platforms can use the API to check the availability of multiple domains in bulk, helping customers to register the domains according to their needs.
Web Hosting Providers Web hosting providers can use our API to check domain name availability for customers, offering registration as an add-on. Our API simplifies the process, making it easy to integrate and deliver efficient results.
Digital Agencies Digital agencies can use the API to check the availability of domain names for their clients to offer them personalised domain name suggestions, making it easier for them to choose the right domain name for their brand.
Brand Protection Companies can use our API to generate domain name ideas for marketing campaigns and check their availability, streamlining the process and ensuring the perfect match for their brand.
Domain Investors Domain investors can use the API to research the availability of domain names they are interested in purchasing and make informed decisions about their domain name investments.
Marketing Campaigns Companies can use the API to generate domain name ideas for their marketing campaigns and check the availability of those domains.