Expiring Domains API

The Expiring Domains API provides information about domains whose registration has expired and whose status is pending deletion or redemption. This data can help businesses and individuals to make informed decisions about domain names, such as whether to acquire an expired domain or register a new one. You can access this data in CSV File format.

Deleted Domains API

The Deleted Domains API provides information about domains which has been dropped and now available for registration. You can use this API to discover existing addresses which are no longer in use and may be perfect for your next business venture. You can access Deleted Domains Whois Information in CSV File format and Deleted Domains only in CSV File and JSON Response format. With Json API there comes capabilities of filtration based on top-level domains (TLDs).

Expiring and Deleted Domains Stats

The expiring and deleted domains statistics cover both generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs). This dataset helps you stay up to date and make data-driven decisions in the domain industry based on daily updates.

Cleaned newly registered domains

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  • Supported TLDs

    Explore WHOIS records for a vast database of expired and dropped domains, encompassing over top-level domains (TLDs). Please visit our Supported TLDs page for more information.

  • Up-to-Date

    We offer our customers daily access to expired domain names and recently released domain names. Our crawlers gather data from various sources to ensure swift and comprehensive information delivery as soon as possible.

  • 3 Days Historical Data Access upon subscription

    When you become a subscriber, you gain access to valuable historical data spanning three days from the activation of your subscription. For our regular subscribers, there is an extended privilege to explore recent domain registrations going back two months. If you're interested in accessing additional historical data files for dropped and expired domains, please don't hesitate to Contact us.

  • File Availability
    Our dedicated crawlers tirelessly crawl the vast expanse of the internet, gathering information on expired and dropped domains and their accompanying WHOIS files. These files will be available to you at the following time:
    1. All expired and deleted domain data files are made available for download at 23:55 UTC, and they contain data from the current day.
  • Multiple Access Options

    Empower your data choices with our flexible solutions for seamless access to deleted and expired domains data:

    1. API Access: Unlock recent released domains and expiring domains data through our API. Explore the detailed guidance in our Expiring and Deleted Domains API Documentation.
    2. Billing Dashboard: Effortlessly retrieve and download expired and dropped domains data directly from the billing dashboard.

  • Supported Response Formats

    Following response formats are supported:

    1. CSV Format: Gain access to expiring and deleted domains, both with and without Whois information, available exclusively in CSV format.
    2. JSON Format: You can retrieve dropped and expiring domains without Whois data in JSON format via our API, which also offers filtering options based on top-level domains (TLDs).

  • Best Market Prices

    We provide best market rates based on the data accuracy. Check out our Dropped and Expiring Domainer Plans.

  • Cleaned Whois

    The Expired Domains Cleaned WHOIS dataset includes WHOIS entries featuring active Registrant email addresses capable of receiving information. We filter out WHOIS records associated with disposable domains and eliminates those utilizing proxy services to hide Registrant details. This filtration process enhances the reliability of the information presented, making it a valuable resource for fields like cybersecurity and marketing. With this accurate data, users can confidently make informed decisions.

Common Use Cases


Domain investors

Domain investors may use the data to identify and purchase deleted domains that have high traffic or valuable backlinks, with the goal of reselling the domains for a profit.

Brand protection

Companies may use the data to monitor the registration status of domains that contain their brand name or trademarks, in order to prevent cybersquatting or other forms of online brand abuse.


SEO and link building

SEO professionals may use the data to identify expired domains with high domain authority and use them for link building purposes.

Market research

The data can be used for market research purposes, such as identifying trends in domain name registrations and expirations.


Competitive analysis

The data can be used to monitor the activities of competitors, such as identifying when they allow domains to expire or registering new domains.


What is the difference between expired domain and dropped domain?

When a domain is registered, its domain life cycle details are typically accessible through a service called WHOIS. A key element in this information is the "domain status," which offers insights into the domain's lifecycle. The cycle begins with the domain's registration, where it's active and fully operational. However, if the domain isn't renewed by its owner before the expiration date, it transitions into the "expired" state, rendering it inactive.

Following the expiration, there's a crucial phase called the "Redemption Period," which typically spans around 30 days. During this period, the domain isn't active and might not be present in zone files, but the previous owner has a last opportunity to renew it, albeit with an additional fee. This phase is the final chance for the previous owner to maintain ownership before the domain becomes available for new registrations.

Subsequently, the domain moves into the "Pending Delete," which usually lasts up to 5 days. This status marks the domain for imminent release, signifying that it will soon be open for new registrations. Domains in the above three states are called expired domains.

After the Pending Delete grace period concludes, the domain finally transitions to the "Deleted" or "Dropped" state, making it officially available for anyone to register. Those domains are called dropped domains. It's important to note that the availability of dropped domains can vary depending on the policies of domain registrars and the competitive domain market, so staying informed about these statuses is crucial, particularly if you're interested in acquiring domains with expired or dropped status.

How can I find a list of recently expired and available domain name?

Discover a compilation of recently expired and available domain names without WHOIS information through the following avenues:

  1. API Access: Unlock current data on released and expiring domains via our API, available in JSON and CSV formats. The JSON format provides an additional option for filtering data based on Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Explore comprehensive guidance in our Expiring and Deleted Domains API Documentation.
  2. Billing Dashboard: Streamline the process of retrieving and downloading data on expired and dropped domains directly from the billing dashboard.

Is Cleaned WHOIS data accessible for both expired and dropped domains?

Cleaned WHOIS data is accessible only for expired domains. However, for cleaned WHOIS data of dropped domains, you may reach out to support@whoisfreaks.com, or you can Contact Us.