Comprehensive Chain

It provides complete SSL certificate chains for thorough validation, ensuring certificates in the chain are valid, enhancing overall security. It helps maintain a secure connection by verifying the authenticity of each certificate in the chain.

SSL Expiry Monitoring

Monitor SSL certificate expiration dates effortlessly to ensure continuous website security. It enables you to track a domain's certificate expiration date, ensuring prompt renewal and avoiding potential downtime or security risks.


We parse SSL data thoroughly to give details in JSON/ XML format. This API provides details about the server including, common name and certificate issuer.

Supported formats

We support SSL lookup data retrieval in JSON and XML formats, offering flexibility and compatibility with various applications. This allows you to efficiently analyze and manage SSL certificate information across your systems.

Common Use Cases

Certificate Chain Monitoring View the SSL certificates in your organization that are about to expire or already expired. Monitor unauthorized changes in SSL cert chain as they may point domain takeover.
Trust Badge This API allows you to know which domains are trustworthy and which are not in the chain. In this way, you can check that any domain listed has a valid SSL certificate from a trusted root certificate authority.
3rd party and typosquatting attacks To avoid being impersonated, it is important to check the SSL certificate validation type. This will help you identify self-signed certificates often used in man-in-the-middle and typosquatting attacks.
Data Enrichment SSL certificate chain Lookup data can ease you security enrichment efforts which could help you to reveal potential inconsistencies that may translate to exploitable vulnerabilities in SSL cert chain.