Whois Lookup API

Whois API provides well-parsed and structured information about domain names, including registration date, expiry date, registrar information, owner details, and host name server information. This comprehensive data is invaluable for making informed decisions in various areas such as marketing outreach, phishing and scam investigation, brand protection, and building advanced search techniques. By understanding the ownership and registration details, businesses can tailor their marketing strategies more effectively, enhance security measures against potential threats, protect their brand from infringements, and develop sophisticated search algorithms to track and analyze domain-related data.

Whois History Lookup API

The Whois history API offers access to exclusive historical Whois data, including details like renewal dates, host name servers, registrant information, and registrar records. Our domain Whois database is continually expanding, with millions of distinct whois records being added daily. This API enables users to delve into historical Whois records for domain names presented in JSON or XML formats.

Reverse Whois Search API

Reverse whois lookup API allows you to search domain information by owner name, email address, domain keyword or company name backed by our terabytes of Whois data. It can be used for domain co-relation, brand monitoring, domain authority scoring, and B2B marketing.

Bulk Whois Lookup API

The Bulk Whois Lookup API allows you to perform whois lookups for multiple domain names in a single query, supporting up to 100 domains at a time. This API can be used for both live and historical whois records. You can upload a file containing 3 million domain names with one domain per line on our billing dashboard. Once the lookup is complete, we will send you an email with a link to download the whois data in CSV format.


Real-time data

Fetch real-time whois domain data directly from whois servers using live domain whois lookup, IP whois lookup or ASN whois lookup based on domain name, IP or ASN, respectively providing immediate and accurate domain registration information.

Domain's Past Information

Access historical domain whois records using historical whois lookup from our comprehensive database, offering valuable insights into past domain ownership and registration details.

Domain Ownership Details

Use whois reverse search lookup to retrieve comprehensive domain ownership details, offering insights into the registrant's information, registration dates, and more for thorough domain analysis.

Keyword based lookup

Keyword-based lookup in reverse whois searches enables you to discover domains containing specific terms or phrases, helping you identify relevant domains quickly and accurately.

Email based lookup

Email-based lookup in reverse whois search allows you to find all domains associated with a specific email address, providing a comprehensive view of an entity's domain portfolio.

Registrant based lookup

Use registrant-based lookup in reverse whois search lookup to identify all domains registered by a particular individual or organization, enhancing your investigation and monitoring capabilities.

Company based lookup

Perform a reverse whois search to find domain ownership details linked to a specific company, enabling you to discover all domains registered by that entity efficiently.

Bulk domain search

Access detailed domain information for up to 100 domains through our powerful API in a single request, or you can upload a file with up to 3 million domain names.

Consistent and Compressed data

Our service ensures data is both consistent and compressed, providing accurate and efficient information retrieval while optimizing storage and bandwidth usage for faster access and reduced costs.

Supported formats

Our service supports data retrieval in both JSON and XML formats, providing flexibility and compatibility with various applications and systems for seamless data integration and processing.

User-Friendly Web Tool

Navigate and utilize our intuitive web UI tool for a efficient experience powered by bulk whois API. Sign in and visit our billing dashboard for a seamless experience.

File Upload Support

Sign in now and upload a plain text or CSV file with up to 3 million domains for large-scale analysis in our billing dashboard's utility section. Our crawlers ensure accurate, comprehensive results delivered to your inbox.

Common Use Cases

Data Enrichment WhoisFreaks provides reliable and up-to-date details on all domains and websites on the internet. Using the information in your CRM, marketing campaigns, and audience profiles can help you create better customer experiences at an insightful level.
Domain Registration Issues Venturing into the world of domain registration can be a confusing experience. Whoisfreaks can help with managing your domains in the whois registry by providing a live public whois api to verify, track and troubleshoot problems that can arise.
Threat Intelligence Our Reverse Whois service is the top choice for threat intelligence and attack surface analysis. Utilize our live and historical Whois API to distinguish scammers from legitimate domains, conduct research, uncover hidden data, find customer information, and more.
Brand monitoring Protect your brand and intellectual property with our real-time Whois API. Analyze similar domains, typosquatting, and copyright violations. Safeguard your valuable assets with insights from our live and historical data, empowering you to take proactive measures.
Domain Portfolio Analysis Bulk WHOIS Lookup can help you analyze your domain portfolio quickly and efficiently. By gathering domain intelligence for all your domains in one go, you can identify potential issues such as outdated contact information or expiring domains.
Brand Protection Bulk WHOIS Lookup can be used to protect your brand by identifying potentially infringing domains or unauthorized use of your brand name. This information can help you take appropriate action to protect your brand identity.
Competitive Intelligence Bulk WHOIS Lookup can provide insights into your competitors' domains and online activities. By analyzing their domain portfolio, you can gain a better understanding of their online presence and marketing strategies.
Research & Due Diligence If you're in the market to purchase a domain or a business, Bulk WHOIS Lookup can help you conduct due diligence on the domains and their owners. You can gather valuable information such as contact details, domain history, and expiration dates.


How can I request WHOIS information for thousands of domains?

You can request WHOIS information for thousands of domains using bulk whois domain lookup service with both an API and a user-friendly web interface for batch processing of upto 3 million domains. You can also use bulk whois domain lookup UI tool powered by bulk whois API. Here are the key features of the API and web interface:

Bulk WHOIS Lookup API:

  • Efficient Querying: Query up to 100 domains in a single request for speedy results.
  • Structured Data: Receive query results in popular XML and JSON formats, providing both parsed fields and raw texts.
  • Normalized Data: All WHOIS information is consistently parsed and normalized, making integration with your business processes seamless.

Bulk File Upload Web Interface:

  • Batch Processing: Support for a minimum of 101 domains up to a whopping 3 million domains in a single file upload.
  • Convenient Notifications: You'll be notified via email when the crawl is complete, with a download link for output files.
  • Data in CSV Format: Output files are delivered in compressed CSV format, containing all the essential WHOIS information.